The best advertising always comes from your clients. I am happy to share some testimonials with you.

This was by far the best massage I've ever had! M.H. Southport

Jen is a Godsend!  Best massage therapist in the Fairfield County J.L. Stamford

Jen- understands the person as a whole- she can make you feel so rejuvenated after a session that all the stress on your shoulders disappears! Laurie C.

Jen is a wonderful massage therapist. Her passion and knowledge combined with her superb hands on technique is more than enough reason to book an appointment with her today. I speak from experience having received massage from Jen and urge others to as well. Scott F.

I have worked in spa environment for many years and have had plenty of great massages.  I have to say Jen is truly the best!  I have suffered from lower back pain for years I've been to orthopedic doctors and chiropractors and have not had ...results.  I know many people do benefits from those treatments.  I only benefit from Jen.  She is always able to pinpoint the area to work on.  I also suffered from Plantar fasciitis for two years had injections and purchased every product known to man for relief.  Since having my monthly massage with Jen that pain has been gone for six months! The other thing I enjoy is Jen's space.  I love the location of her office.  No spa to walk into, and not having to walk out into bright the lights of a spa to check out when you are feeling comatose. The atmosphere has a great feeling and the most wonderful heated massage table.  I can't say enough  about Jen as a person and a therapist. She is truly  talented and wonderful!! Susan I.

"By far the best massage I have ever had." Mark L.

" Saved the day of my Mother's wedding! I get debilitating cramps on the first day of my period. I usually can't even leave the bed. When I woke up on the morning of my Mothers wedding with these horrible cramps I thought the day would be ruined. Jen used her amazing massage skills to help me dramatically. My day was virtually pain free without drugs. I wish I had known about massage and menstrual cramps a lot sooner. I am a client for life!" Stephanie K.

"Jen, as usual, tuned right into my trouble spots. Her intuition and knowledge about the way muscles work always mean a great massage." Garry B.

"I moved from the area not too long ago and missed my reiki sessions with Jen. When I called to request a distance healing session after moving threw my back out I was in terrible pain. After a distance healing session, I was able to get right back to work. " Lisa S.

" Jen's pressure and techniques are really top-notch. I loved this massage!" Kathy D.

" I am not a runner, but had to begin training to take the police exam. I was getting really bad shin splints and was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. Jen worked on my problems and showed me things I could do at home to help with the pain. She also taught me how to properly stretch the muscles that bothered me. It has been a great help." Jay G.

  The best massage ever. And I have been to some of the best spa's in the country." Danielle P.

""Jen's reiki sessions are something that always amaze me. I always leave feeling better and she almost always has a message for me." Laurie G.

PERFECT pressure. I LOVED the foot massage!" Linda H.

"Jen has a natural touch. She really seems to pay attention to my trouble spots. I can always notice the difference in my body after a session." Margaret K.

"Pressure and pace were perfect. Jen has great hands." Joel A.

"Jen really made me feel comfortable and that was important since it was my first massage. Everything felt wonderful." Julie D

"I was nervous about my first reiki session, but Jen's explanations and willingness to answer all of my questions allowed me to have a very positive experience.It was great . "

 "Jen is a skillful and engaging teacher. Her anecdotes and personal knowledge add a great dimension to her Reiki classes in fully understanding the art. She certainly covers all her bases and is consistently available for questions. On top of that her attunements were very powerful and her hospitality was sincere and warm. I would recommend her wholeheartedly. "  Joe B.

"MY pain level was at a 10 when she started working on my neck, at the end of the session it was a 2 or 3. Amazing!" R.D.