Welcome to my website.  In my practice I provide a myriad of different modalities that can be combined and adjusted to provide you with your own perfect massage or Reiki session. Whether it is deep tissue massage or myofascial release for pain, Somatic Touch therapy for blissful relaxation, Reiki to help heal the body, mind, and spirit or a combination of whatever you most need, I can provide that for you. I am also a certified pediatric massage therapist and am extensively trained in hospice, medical, and oncology massage. In addition, I am a Reiki Master teacher and an NCBTMB approved CEU provider for hospice massage training. This allows me to delve into a very large tool bag to customize a massage that is extremely safe and effective. 

I work extensively with oncology patients, hospice patients, and clients with MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, CHF, COPD, and Alzheimer's and dementia. A customized and thorough treatment plan will be put into place and adjusted as necessary to make sure that all clients with medical concerns receive the most relaxing, safe, and therapeutic massage possible. 



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I sometimes hear people say that they are uncomfortable with massage. Whether it be the act of getting disrobed, discomfort with lying on the table, body issues or any other of the many reasons cited, I have an answer. Find a therapist that makes you feel comfortable. Choose an LMT like you would choose any person that is dealing with your body; carefully, thoroughly, and wisely. Make sure you go to a therapist that YOU feel comfortable with. Discuss your fears and your discomforts. Positioning can be adjusted, draping can be added, or clothing can even remain on. If you don't develop a relationship with your therapist, you may never know how rewarding this experience can be. I hold sacred my clients' confidentiality. Body issues are something that almost all of us have. Believe me, I have seen every body type there is, and I believe that EVERY body is beautiful and a miracle.  So many of us would never consider going to a "super-cuts" for our haircuts but are willing to put our body in the hands of someone who may or may not have the training, experience or professionalism you deserve and should expect. This is especially true with many medical conditions that most therapists are simply not trained to work with. I promise that my clients will always get the respect they deserve and the therapeutic massage they most need.